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A Vegetarian Diet the Easy Way!

Wish you could reap the benefits of a vegetarian diet (or even a semi-vegetarian diet) without a lot of hassle and also without giving up all food that tastes good to you? You can. In fact, you can do it in steps and stages and as quickly or slowly as you wish. That's actually how I did it myself.

For example, you might begin simply by adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. (You know, just like Mom and Granny suggested back in the day.) If you poke around our sister site, you'll find simple ways to prepare those and also sneak more of them down the hatch.

However modest and gradual, changes such as these really can lead you to a better-balanced diet. They can also help you maintain your health and fitness benefits with mindful but uncomplicated plant-based eating, if that's the route you ultimately choose.

Either way, you benefit, because such foods can do good things for your body, whether you eat them exclusively or not.

Making a Vegetarian Diet Work for YOU

First, a cautionary note: if you're relatively new to vegetarian eating, try tackling your transition by degrees. For example, live it up with the fruits and veggies, the grains and legumes, but don't attempt a dietary one-eighty in a single week. If you do, your body might find that onslaught of fiber "challenging," to say the least. (Oh, the pain!)

Instead, begin with a simple modification: eating one more vegetable every day, for example. Then gradually begin cutting back on meat, moving as quickly or slowly as feels right to you and also buddying up to flexibility and compromise.

For example, let's say you have this huge letch for meat today. No problem: build your next meal around some kind of "faux" meat, or perhaps eat only half the meat you might otherwise do. For example, instead of a steak, pork, or sausage dish, perhaps make (or order) a chicken salad.

BTW, here's a great cookbook for people cooking without meat (one we sometimes use ourselves): The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes Cookbook.

Getting Enough Protein

Wondering about that, perhaps? Again, no worries. You will have So Many tasty ways to build protein into your diet: not only "faux" meats, but also umpteen grains and legumes.

Moreover, if you're not vegan, you'll have the whole spectrum of dairy as well. And don't forget that vegetables themselves contain some protein. [For a discussion of other proteins available to you, check out this page.

Bottom Line?

Because any healthful change in your eating habits is cause for celebration, please don't beat yourself up for any "timeouts" you take. (Keep the fruits and veggies, though, right?)

When/If you decide to give some of this another shot, just get back on whatever path feels right to You. And, yes, your transition really could be as simple as that. What's to lose by giving it a shot?

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