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If you're wondering, we have a twofold "mission" here at Vegetarian Diet Tips: to help you bring more plant-based foods into your life (if that's your desire)
and also to help you find ways to to eat more fruits and veggies. Why? Because they are SO good for you—just like your mom and grandmother said. And they probably said it a lot, too, but how well did you listen? You were a kid, right?

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So was I, and I didn’t listen very well either. But, no worries: it’s never too late to change your eating habits. And I'm here to help you make that transition, whether you’re new to vegetarianism or have "dabbled" before. And whether you decide to go all the way or not...and also whether you wish/need the veggie option for your health, your weight, or your philosophical leanings.

In a nutshell,
my role is to support you, not boss you around. Okay—maybe I might "goose" you a little now and then, but that'll be the extent of it. As far as I'm concerned, what you choose to eat is your own business.

My Creds?

I (Lynda Edwards) have been a vegetarian for decades and generally avoid eating anything with a face…although I do confess to the occasional hot dog and also a smidgen of turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas if I'm a guest. For me, vegetarianism is about the animals.

The family chef,
my husband (omnivore Dan Edwards), has whipped up incredible vegetarian dishes throughout those decades. During that time, he’s drawn considerably closer to a vegetarian diet himself. In fact, many of the recipes you’ll find both now and later at this site come from him.

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 And My Point Is?

This one: even if your friends, family, and/or significant other have minimal interest in a vegetarian diet, you can all peacefully coexist. Well, you can IF you respect each other’s preferences and IF both camps refrain from unnecessary and tedious comment. Harder for some than you might ever imagine, so be ready.

My own practice,
which may work for you as well, is to eat discreetly and not expect others to accommodate to my vegetarianism. And, although my eating habits stem from the realities of factory farming, transport, and slaughter, I do not expound upon these at mealtimes. Or at any other time, for that matter: those issues I address with my checkbook and computer.

Should you move further
into vegetarianism yourself, you may find that a workable model as well. But such matters you’ll decide for yourself. I'm here simply to support you and others in your quest to get more fruits, veggies, and other plant-based foods into your diet—and ease out some of the meats and fats—for whatever reason. And to do so with gusto, because in the right hands, vegetables and other plant-based food can taste amazingly delicious. Let's do it!


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Please understand that the material at this site is NOT medical advice, as I am neither doctor nor nutritionist. What I am is merely someone who's lived successfully on a vegetarian diet for many decades...and I transitioned from omnivore to vegetarian gradually. Do check with your doctor, though, if you're considering big changes to your own diet. Also, be sure to find a dependable source of Vitamin B12.

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