Losing Weight During Menopause —
Make It Easier With Veggies!

Losing weight during menopause—just another jolly chore to deal with after you ace the hot flashes and mood swings, right? And maybe you’re feeling plenty grumpy about the whole thing, because getting (and keeping) the weight off right now can really be a bitch. (Been there and tried to do that, so I know firsthand.)

But it IS do-able, and by you, with small steps and simple changes. At this site we think of that approach as "turtle-tracks," although it's better known as kaizen. And try to stay with me here, because this technique can work for SO many things. Yes, even for the maddening task of losing weight during menopause.

Here's how it works.
Essentially, kaizen is a form of incremental change that takes place through small but consistent steps. These steps create a growing "snowball" that rolls steadily toward the goal: in this particular case, getting some weight off. But this (inexpensive) book presents and explains it better than I ever could...

Primo Step: More Veggies!

So, here's one small step that probably wouldn’t create too many “waves” for you (or your companions): more vegetables and fewer fatty foods. For example, at dinner tonight try a big spinach salad with a small serving of tofu or seitan mixed in. (If you’re not vegetarian, include some fish or chicken.)

Another evening, blanch some green beans and toss with a small amount of diluted pesto and a few sliced almonds. Serve with a lean protein such as seitan, low-fat tofu, fish, or chicken, and you’ll have a great-tasting meal. Simple, filling, and nutritious, salads and veggie side dishes can give your weight-loss efforts a real boost.

Actually, even the occasional pasta dish will work if you don’t overload it with cheese and fatty meat sauces. And if you don't eat three slices of garlic bread besides. For more tips on using a vegetarian diet to lose weight, click here. And check out this page for some menu suggestions.

  Not So Many of These for Awhile...

Although it's good to bear in mind that vegetables can often help us pare down, they do vary in their effectiveness as weight-loss “instruments.” So, particularly during and after menopause, try to cut back somewhat on starchier and sweeter veggies such as these:

  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Parsnips
  • Peas
  • Plantains
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes and Yams
  • Winter Squashes (particularly butternut and acorn)
  • Yucca

I know, I knowyou’re probably crazy about some of those. Me, too, and I’m not suggesting that you don't eat them at all. But, right now, do replace them often with green and leafies and other veggies carrying a lighter carbohydrate load. Right?

In the meantime, take a tip from our turtle buddy: slow and steady can be a reliable and fairly painless way of losing weight during menopause. Maybe try it yourself?


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Please understand that the material at this site is NOT medical advice, as I am neither doctor nor nutritionist. What I am is merely someone who's lived successfully on a vegetarian diet for many decades...and I transitioned from omnivore to vegetarian gradually. Do check with your doctor, though, if you're considering big changes to your own diet. Also, be sure to find a dependable source of Vitamin B12.

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